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We turn screen time into hands-on, interactive FUN!

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A Summer Camp feature that's slimy & fun!
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What is Talk to the Camera?

We are award winning video & filmmaking after school classes & summer camps!

Talk to the Camera’s STEAM-based after-school classes and camps were created to spark imaginations and boost self-confidence through moviemaking & video creation. Kids have a BLAST & parents enjoy the benefits of improved social communication skills! And all with an awareness of online safety! Read more about us

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Kids learn from industry professionals!



 On camera activities provide:

  • stronger communication skills
  • the art of conversation
  • engaging speaking
  • memorization techniques
  • online safety
Click here for links to internet safety resources.


Self Confidence

Seeing themselves on camera encourages:

  • positive feedback
  • kids to embrace their personalities
  • positive self image
  • listening to each other
  • minimal fear of public speaking

Creativity & Fun

Creating a unique, kid made product promotes:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Using their imaginations
  • Bringing their ideas to life
  • Learning to improvise
  • Lots of laughing, learning, and good times!

Social Skills

Face-to-face interactions provide:

  • eye contact
  • active listening
  • collaboration
  • team work
  • adaptability
Co-Founders, Audrey Walters and Jenny Gilbert

Join our Business Network With a Talk to the Camera Franchise!

Are you a child at heart and an entrepreneur in spirit?

Starting Talk to the Camera has impacted our lives in so many positive ways. We remember the first classes we taught. We left every single school filled with joy and laughter in disbelief that we just got paid to do this! Bringing a Talk to the Camera Franchise to your community will empower you and all the lives around you! We are proud to offer you this amazing opportunity to join the Talk to the Camera family.

Photo Right: Co-Founders, SAG/AFTRA Actress Audrey Walters and Educator Jenny Gilbert


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A Few Kind Words



Incorporating technology and giving presentations on camera has become an essential part of learning today. Talk to the Camera is the only program we have come across that teaches oral expression, listening and social communication skills in an energetic &  fun format.

Public educator in Jefferson County


They include everybody in a role. Everyone has a good time. You get the opportunity to learn about make-up, costumes, memorizing lines, camera work, and direction. Everything about the movie business.

10 year old Talk to the Camera student 


My daughter had a blast at this summer camp! Wished it was longer! Thanks!

Denver Parent who gave us 5 STARS on Facebook


My son LOVED the class and his video was wonderful! He was so proud to show us his video and the work he put into it. Thank you for making this available to us!
Brian Robbins, Father of Talk to the Camera student