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KID ACTOR Bootcamps provide top-level learning, experiences and guidance for young actors and their FAMILIES! Lessons are taught by industry professionals who have been in their shoes”!  Students gain a creative skill set, real-life insight and beneficial exercises that enhance their “actors tool kit”. We know from experience, that family support is essential for the success and well-being of actors at any age. This is why our KID ACTOR Bootcamps, include programs to coach families through the process of raising the next generation of actors and filmmakers. 


KID ACTOR CURIOUS- Bootcamp level 1 with Krista Bradley 

ambassadors_dpccExperience Level: Beginner

This class is for kiddos interested in learning more about becoming a kid actor. These students want to learn how to memorize a scene, and portray a character in a compelling way. Kids learn the essentials: trying out for an acting role, preparation, marketing tools, the basics. Workshop for kids ages 6-16 who are curious about becoming an actor.



KID ACTOR POWERHOUSE- Bootcamp next level with Krista Bradley and Audrey Walters--- PLUS Guest Teachers!

img_7418Experience Level: Intermediate & Advanced

This class is for kids who have been acting for at least 1 year. These students have performed in productions and enjoy memorizing scenes, developing characters, interpreting scripts, and are ready to take their acting to the next level. Kids learn: Being a character, Booking the room, getting an agent or agent relationships, booking acting jobs, marketing themselves, dealing with rejection/emotions, on set etiquette, carrying themselves like professionals. Workshop for kids ages 6-16 who are the next generation actors, actresses, and filmmakers.  MORE INFO 

KID ACTOR All OUT! - Private Session with Krista Bradley 

anna_grey_scriptExperience Level: Advanced

This program is for kiddos who attend the POWERHOUSE classes and want to go beyond. These kids have an agent or manager and are auditioning for roles in TV and film. Kids get personalized coaching, audition taping and advice from seasoned professionals. These students have a personal commitment to their acting careers. 


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