After School Programs for Children in University Park Elementary


News Broadcast/YOUth TUBEr Combo Class

In News Broadcast portion of the your kids produce their own news program, from breaking news and weather, to sports and commercials!
Then in YOUth TUBEr each student creates their own personalized videos and/or group videos to become the next big YOUth TUBEr!
Your kids will learn life-long skills, like social communication, public speaking, self-confidence and making eye contact. 
*Our professionals do the editing. The final class movie will be available for viewing on our website within a month after the last class.
MEDIA RELEASE Upon completion of registration please follow this link to sign the media release form. We will not include your child in their class videos without a signed MEDIA RELEASE FORM.
 If you have any trouble registering your child or have questions please feel free to contact us at or 720-996-0894.