annette schowers

Annette Schowers is a mother, wife, teacher and producer. She has worked in photo, video and film production for over 15 years in many states throughout North America, including NYC, Miami and San Diego. More recently, she has worked as a Paraprofessional in both Special Education and Early Childhood Education. She is also a licensed substitute teacher for grades K-12. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico and growing up in Denver, Colorado, Annette received her undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising from Colorado State University and her Masters degree with a concentration in International Business in London. After completing her program, she moved to New York City, where Annette’s interest in photography developed after landing her first industry job as a studio manager.

Her passion for the business was furthered by her next position as an artist representative for hair stylists, makeup artists, and prop and fashion stylists at talent agency Mark Edward Inc. Annette’s ever-increasing knowledge of the business enabled her to take on the role of photo rep after Edward’s death, allowing her to build the photography division at the agency and become involved in all aspects of photo shoot production.

Having collaborated with top talent throughout the country and with over a decade of work to her credit, it is this in-depth expertise that Annette brings with her back to Denver. Her positions as an agent, photographer rep, art buyer and now freelance producer have given her a thorough understanding – complexities and all – of print catalogue, editorial and advertising production.