Brand Ambassador Casting Call


 Submission Dates: June 30-July 31 

We're looking for fun, creative kids to help share our brand!  
This year, our Casting Call has gone VIRTUAL, and our theme is “Lights, Camera, Imagine!” because children have imaginations that can take them to great places. Talk to the Camera helps children build upon their imagination to allow them to be comfortable in front of a camera. Their imagination will be the start of their future and we are confident it will be a bright one full of fun and creativity. So, let’s get some Lights, Camera, and Imagine!

Winners Announced August 7 

We're Looking For:

  • Kids ages 6-16 
  • Kids interested in earning credits on their resume
  • Kids looking to develop a body of work for their reels
  • Kids who would THRIVE gaining on-camera experience

Self- tape details:

  • Introduce yourself on camera
  • Share WHY you want to be a Talk to the Camera Ambassador
  • Tell us more about yourself!

How to Submit Your Video

  • Send YOUR submission videos via WeTransfer. Instructions LINKED HERE.
  • Videos should total less than 3 minutes of footage. If you want to include photos, we would LOVE those too!
  • Share your Self-Tape by July 31st! 


Our Brand Ambassadors Receive:

  • Gift Certificate for 2020 online camps and online acting classes (Value of $200) 
  • One private virtual coaching session with one of our acting coaches. ($75 value.) 
  • Individual playlist on the Talk to the Camera YouTube page
  • Featured in Talk to the Camera marketing. 
  • Lots of on-camera experience and footage to add to your reels.
  • AWESOME Talk to the Camera SWAG
  • Our team of industry professionals will become your mentors, teachers, and friends. Providing an experience that will be truly special!
visit our band ambassador page


  • Must have valid parent/guardian contact information
  • Do not share anything negative or with bad language
  • No tobacco, no alcohol, no drugs
  • No inappropriate behavior
  • No follows, promotions or support to anyone who uses bad language or does not reflect a positive message

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Top 10 Reasons to be a TTTC Brand Ambassador, ready, set, go...

  1. Promote all of the TTTC Core Values! There's so many but to name a few there are: Inspire, Create, and Kindness.
  2. Get tons of on-camera experience and footage to add to your reels
  3. Have a family of industry professionals that will support you through all creative endeavors
  4. Get advice from industry professionals. These adults know what they're talking about!
  5. Meet other Brand Ambassadors that share the same love of the camera as you
  6. Receive a private virtual coaching session with one of our acting coaches
  7. Attend super-cool events around your area like Denver Pop Culture Con
  8. Get AWESOME TTTC Swag!
  9. Get your own YouTube playlist that is tailored to whatever you want it to be
  10. Last but certainly not least, the chance to get your creativity and imagination to shine! On-camera and in-person Talk to the Camera allows you to THRIVE!



Brand Ambassador Thea has some advice for having a fantastical audition! Watch her video from her Tips With Thea Channel!