Doral Academy of Colorado


News Broadcast | Session 1

Do you have a future reporter in your household or a kiddo who’d like to give it a try? In News Broadcast kids are provided the STEAM-based skill set to produce their own news program! Kids will gain improvisation skills, self-confidence and on-camera presence as they deliver breaking news, weather and sports like a PRO! *This is a great introductory class!


Movie Magic | Session 2

In our Movie Magic classes and camps, kids actively engage in all aspects of movie-making - participating in STEAM- based activities. Kids work together learning film techniques, production roles, and on-camera acting. Students are introduced to “storyboarding” during pre-production and create a movie trailer during post-production.

Movie-making is a bonding experience. Kids make friends and further develop social communication skills like eye contact, storytelling, teamwork, and active listening.


YOUth TUBEr | Session 3

Does your kid want to create their own YouTube-style videos? Kids have a BLAST in YOUth TUBEr, learning on-camera presence, content creation, and are introduced to editing in a hands-on collaborative environment!  

Our YOUth TUBEr kids develop their storytelling style with an awareness for online safety, using a STEAM-based learning approach to build social skills like public speaking, active listening, and improved eye contact.

YOUth TUBEr Plus+ | Session 4

If your child has been asking to create their own YouTube channel-YOUth TUBEr PLUS+ Is the camp for YOU! Kids have a BLAST creating branded content with an awareness of online safety. As they develop on-camera presence, content creation, and video editing skills, your child is given the tools to successfully and safely start their YouTube channel.

Our YOUth TUBEr PLUS+ kids enjoy STEAM- based activities, and develop their storytelling style with an awareness for online safety. Students build social skills like active listening, and improved eye contact while learning important 21st-century technology.