Frequently Asked Questions – click on each question to view the answer

How do I enroll my child in a Talk to the Camera class or camp session?

To register and pay online for a camp, click here. For a class, click here.You can also download all the necessary forms here, fill them out and email to

What if the camp I would like to enroll my child in is SOLD OUT?

PLEASE email us at or call us 720-996-0894 with your child’s name, your contact information, the camp location and dates of the class. We will add you to our wait list or even open up another session if possible.

What are your guidelines for mitigating COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in your in-person classes & camps?

We are following the CDC and local health guidelines for keep our facilities safe. You can READ our COVID-19 Protocol here. 

A class has already started, can I still register my child to participate?

Yes, Please email us at, if we have space available in the class we will be happy to add your child.

Are discounts offered if I have more than one child enrolled in your classes or camps?

We offer a family discount for a total of $20 off.

Do you offer any scholarships for families that may need financial assistance for the cost of your classes or camps?

Yes, partial scholarships are available on a case by case basis.

What is Talk to the Camera’s refund policy?

CLASS REFUND POLICY: If you are not completely satisfied after the first Talk to the Camera class, we will offer a full refund or credit. Class credit can be used towards future class sessions or a camp.

SUMMER CAMP REFUND POLICY: We offer a full refund up to 10 days before the start date of a Talk to the Camera camp. If canceled 9 days before a camp starts we offer a 50% refund and the other 50% will be credited for a future class or camp session.

Can I volunteer in my child’s class?

We have highly trained instructors who do a fabulous job of making each child feel comfortable. If you would like to sit in on part of a session, please ask the instructor. Otherwise we do not allow parents to sit through an entire class or camp session of Talk to the Camera so that children are fully engaged in the class or camp session.

Your program is not offered at my child’s school, how do I get Talk to the Camera program at their school?

We always welcome starting Talk to the Camera in new schools. If you are interested in bringing Talk to the Camera to your school or local recreation center, just click here!

Who can view the class video?

Each family will receive a password protected link to their child’s class video. We do not post or share the completed class video anywhere else.

In YOUth TUBEr classes, do you set up a YouTube Channel for my child?

No, we do not set up YouTube Channels during this class.

What if my child’s class is cancelled before it starts?

On occasion we need to cancel a class session due to low enrollment. If we need to cancel your child’s class session for any reason, we will notify you via email one week prior to the start date and refund your payment in full. You can also choose a credit for a future Talk to the Camera class session or camp.

What about a SNOW DAY? Do I get a refund if my child’s school is closed due to weather or another school closure reason?

We do not refund for snow days or school closures. We work with your school and do our very best to get a make-up Talk to the Camera class scheduled with the school for your child!. If Talk to the Camera needs to cancel a class for any reason, you will be notified by Talk to the Camera and will receive 100% refund of tuition for that day.

Do you have classes on early release days?

No, we take into consideration the school district’s scheduled breaks and early release days. The class will be held the following week.

Class Etiquette

Talk to the Camera reserves the right to deny enrollment based on a student’s behavior. We will always communicate with parents or guardians about their student’s behavior if it is disruptive. If the behavior does not improve, disruptive conduct will be grounds for dismissal from our Talk to the Camera classes without a refund.

I’m running late to pick up my child from class!!! LATE PICK-UP POLICY and LATE PICK-UP FEES:

Our co-creators are busy moms and understand that life happens. Sometimes little challenges in life can make us run late. We also need to respect our instructors and honor their schedules as parents and professionals. Our goal is to keep your child safe. If you are not present at pick up we will try the phone numbers you provided. We will never leave your child unattended!! Please contact us ASAP 720-996-0894 so we can notify your child’s instructor. We will take the following steps if you are running late:
  • We will attempt to reach all emergency contact numbers, including parents or guardians at home, work and cell phone numbers, as provided by parent/guardian on the child’s registration form.
  • It is your responsibility as parents or guardians to provide the number of any and all persons who you authorize to pick up your child and to keep us informed of any changes in these contact numbers.
  • If we are unable to reach anyone at any of the contact numbers provided by the parent/guardian, and one-half hour has passed, we will arrange with the school to leave your child in after care. We may need to call the local police if the after school care is not available.
  • Under all circumstances, the staff will not hold your child responsible in any way for the late pick up, and discussion of this issue will only be with the parent or guardian and never with your child.
  • LATE PICK-UP FEES: A late fee of $5.00 per child will be assessed after the first 10 minutes and an additional $1.00 per child for every minute after that will be assessed until your child is picked up. Invoices will be sent via email and the fees will go directly to your child’s Instructor. This fee must be paid in full upon your child’s next class.