Thank you for your interest in our Talk To The Camera franchise.

We have designed a self-navigating franchise discovery process so you can learn about Talk To The Camera at your own pace and you never have to wait for a response.

  • Follow our Franchise Discovery Steps to evaluate the Talk To The Camera Franchise and determine if it makes sense for you and your family.
  • Register below and you will receive an email (from to get your Franbox account set up. Our Franbox program will guide you through the Discovery process.
  • You'll start in your Franbox Dashboard, where you will be able to unlock each step of the process.

Franchise Discovery Steps:

  1. Watch the Talk To The Camera Franchise Overview video above
  2. Register below to receive your Franchise Discovery Kit – includes your individual log in to access our confidential franchise candidate dashboard
  3. Watch the Franchise FAQ video and complete online survey
  4. Register for Live Webinar to learn more about our Franchise Growth System
  5. Attend Live Webinar
  6. Register for Individual Consultation
  7. Attend Individual Consultation
  8. Register for Discovery Day
  9. Obtain Approval to Attend Discovery Day - Complete Franchise Checklist
  10. Attend Discovery Day
  11. Execute Franchise Agreement
  12. Schedule Training and On Boarding

Enjoy your journey!

Talk To The Camera Franchise Team

You can always call our Franchise Helpdesk if you have questions at 844-372-6482.


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