Kids Online Acting Workshops

KID ACTOR Workshops provide top-level learning, experiences and guidance for young actors and their FAMILIES! Lessons are taught by industry professionals who have been in their shoes”!  Students gain a creative skill set, real-life insight and beneficial exercises that enhance their “actors tool kit”. We know from experience, that family support is essential for the success and well-being of actors at any age. This is why our KID ACTOR Workshops, include programs to coach families through the process of raising the next generation of actors and filmmakers. 
I can’t recommend this highly enough!”-Sam, Mom of Acting Class Student  


Kids of all levels will flourish in our interactive LIVE Kid Actor workshops! Our advanced teaching approach, and welcoming, inclusive environment allows kids of all experience levels to feel like stars!

Kids learn: Character development, acting techniques for all on-camera mediums, scene work, monologues, and improv skills.

They even learn: Booking the room, agent relationships, booking acting jobs, marketing yourself, dealing with rejection/emotions, on set etiquette, professionalism.

Experience level: Beginner - Intermediate and advanced


Our Instructors 

Swann Christopher


Audrey Walters



3401 West 29th Ave. Denver, CO 80211