Maple Grove Elementary School


YOUth TUBEr Class

Does your kid want to create their own YouTube-style videos? Kids have a BLAST in YOUth TUBEr, learning on-camera presence, content creation, and video editing in a hands-on collaborative environment!  

Our YOUth TUBEr kids develop their storytelling style and build social skills like public speaking, active listening, and improved eye contact*Our professionals do the editing.

The final class movie will be available for viewing on our website within a month after the last class.



Talk to the Camera empowers kids to get creative and use their imaginations through filmmaking, being on camera and having fun!

We would love to bring after school classes to Maple Grove Elementary School in Golden. Through authentic learning opportunities on camera, every student of Talk to the Camera will develop a positive self-image and tools to communicate in a variety of social environments.