Meridian Elementary


YOUth TUBEr Plus+

Students access their creative ability, making potential YouTube videos that stand-out! 

Using a STEAM-based learning approach, students embrace their individuality, develop their editing skills, and become compelling content creators who advance their digital well-being responsibly, with an awareness of online safety.

*We do not set up YouTube Channels during this class.

It is preferred that kiddos bring their own device to this class. 

*Students will receive their raw footage and student edited videos shared via a private Google Drive folder. Requests for adding a professionally edited video, can be created by TTTC for an additional fee.

MEDIA RELEASE Upon completion of registration please follow this link to sign the media release form. We will not include your child in their class videos without a signed MEDIA RELEASE FORM.



Talk to the Camera empowers kids to get creative and use their imaginations through filmmaking, being on camera and having fun!