Talk to the Camera Co-Founder and Teacher, Jenny Gilbert
Being a teacher, the most challenging aspect is finding time for yourself.  I know that I struggle with balance, I tend to have many hats that I wear.  I’m a mom, a wife, a teacher  and business owner. Sometimes it is very hard to prioritize which hat I am wearing. When I get home, I am mentally and physically tired. If I spend too much time on school work at home,  family time suffers. Stress builds up and I tend to get burned out. Teacher burnout is a huge problem in our profession as educators, and now that summer break is here, it is time to revitalize and rejuvenate. Here are 4 ways to find balance and take some time for YOU!

Get outdoors: The best medicine isn’t Lexapro or red wine but some much needed vitamin D. The sun and fresh air can help to boost spirits and outdoor exercise can actually make you happy. Get back to nature by going for a hike, bike, walk , or even a day in the park.

Practice mindfulness:  Being mindful takes practice and one of the easiest things you can do is breathe. Breathing techniques help you to connect your mind and body. I start with 15 seconds of quiet breathing in and out first thing in the morning. I know my day is going to be devoted to my family and business, but if I can find 15 seconds to breathe, connect and de-stress I know that my day is going to be positive.

Get to know your family:  As a teacher, I connect with each and every one of my students at school but what about my own children. Summer break is the perfect time to get to know your family again.  I make a point of putting down devices and really listening to my children. We eat without electronics and have the best conversations. I also have my son and daughter each pick activities for the week. She might pick painting and he might pick golf, but we all do the activity together….sometimes there might be a complaint or two, but we still spend time together

Don’t check emails:  This might be a shock for some teachers, but I will only look at my school email once a week. Summer is time for my family….the school gets me 9 months out of the year, so allowing myself to check my school email once a week creates a sense of freedom. I don’t feel burned out and am able to focus on myself and family...not my job!

Remember, teachers need their summer breaks just as much as the students do. School is out for the summer!!!! Get outside, relax, connect and have FUN! Don’t worry August will be here before you know it. Make the most of your summer.