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Starting Talk to the Camera has impacted our lives in so many positive ways!

We remember the first classes we taught. We were so excited seeing the looks on the kids faces when they watched themselves on television for the first time! Since then we have left every single school filled with joy and laughing in disbelief that we just got paid to do this! Bringing Talk to the Camera to your community will empower you and all the lives around you!

We are proud to offer you this amazing opportunity to join the Talk to the Camera family.icon_clapboard

  • Do you love working with kids? Do you want flexibility in your work schedule?
  • Do you want to make money in any economy?
  • Do you want to be your own boss?
  • Do you like to get paid to have fun?
  • Do you like to share your creativity?
  • Do you want to make an impact and provide lifelong skills?
  • Do you want to inspire kids to be awesome?
  • Do you want a turn-key, home based business?

Then, Talk to the Camera is your opportunity to THRIVE!




  • 74

    number of children under the age of 18 in the U.S. and growing.1

  • 10

    children are in After School Programs.2 For every child in a program, 2 are waiting to get in.

  • 89%

    of parents with a child in after school programs are satisfied overall.2 An overwhelming percentage of parents are satisfied with quality of care, safety, excitement about learning, and critical thinking.

  • 60%

    increase in after school program participation in 10 years.2


  • 73%

    of parents agree that it is important for their children to have summer activities to help them maintain academic skills and learn new things.3

  • 51%

    of families say they wanted their children to be enrolled in a summer learning program.3

  • $288

    on average, what families spend for their child’s summer learning program per week.3


Talk to the Camera empowers kids to get creative and use their imaginations through filmmaking, being on camera and having fun!

icon_kids_talkNEWS BROADCAST

For kids interested in being on camera. In News Broadcast classes (and camps) kids produce their own news program, from breaking news and weather, to sports and commercials. They gain improvisation skills, self-confidence and get comfortable on camera! *This is a great introductory class!

icon_clapboard_greenYOUth TUBEr

For kids that love watching or creating YouTube videos, or have dreams of becoming the next YOUth TUBEr? In this class (and camp) each kiddo creates their own videos!


For the kiddo that has an active imagination? In mini-movie classes (and camps), students work as a team to create, direct, act in and produce a movie. They experience the THRILL of a production from "quiet on the set"... to "that’s a wrap!"



1 According to latest census data | 2 Afterschool Alliance - After 3pm | 3 National Afterschool Association, data as of January 1, 2017



  • Home based business, on YOUR own time!
  • Flexible, part-time hours, full time income.
  • Steadily growing industry.
  • Turn key – Ramp-up and start your business quickly with a low investment.
  • We have meticulously designed each class – Our curriculum is unique and one of a kind.
  • Our innovative business concept is unique among after-school, kid-focused programs.
  • Comprehensive classroom and online training and support system to ensure quality in every market.
  • Local and national integrated marketing strategy that includes branding, digital and social media marketing, and promotions.
  • Marketing programs managed nationally, with intuitive tools, and competitively priced delivery systems.
  • Positive company culture with strong foundational leadership encouraging franchisee success.
  • Commitment to empowering children.
  • Company committed to transparency 3_icons


Supporting our franchise owners is the backbone of our success and we look forward to working with you throughout the lifecycle of your business.

We achieve this through a comprehensive training and support program, and innovative systems and tools that make onboarding fun, personalized, and effective!

  • By joining our Talk to the Camera family you will begin your initial franchise training at our Colorado headquarters.
  • We have trained instructors with a wide range of experience with kids, acting and cameras.
  • Ongoing training classes will be hosted throughout the year via live webinars, conference calls, and online classes.
  • Our cloud based business management and communications platform enables our support team to communicate and provide resources in real-time, so our franchise owners can concentrate on building their businesses.
  • Our ongoing support program offers business building assistance in all areas of your business development: Leadership – Marketing – Finance – Operations – Technology
  • We provide marketing and promotional materials, as well as other resources to support you during the sales and acquisition process.

We are committed to building a community of thriving franchise owners!


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Talk to the camera franchising

We are here to help you navigate the franchise discovery process, answer your questions and align you with resources to optimize your business start up and growth.




The Best On-Camera Classes for Children


Kid-Driven, Teacher Approved!

“Incorporating technology and giving presentations on camera has become an essential part of learning today. Talk to the Camera is the only program we have come across that teaches oral expression, listening and social communication skills in an energetic & fun format.”
– Public educator in Jefferson County

on camera acting classes for children


Kid’s learn and have fun!

“They include everybody in a role. Everyone has a good time. You get the opportunity to learn about make-up, costumes, memorizing lines, camera work, and direction. Everything about the movie business.”
– 10 year old boy

acting for camera courses for children


“The best combination a mom could ask for”!

My daughter had a blast at this summer camp! Wished it was longer! Thanks!

Denver Parent who gave us 5 STARS on Facebook

kids filmmaking classes testimonials


“ Talk to the Camera was even more fun than I thought and I want to take more classes. I learned that I really enjoy acting.”
– 4th grade boy

acting for the camera for kids


“Our son looked forward to class every week because of the amazing activities and the way in which he could use his imagination. He learned so much and had a great time doing it”
– Parent, Denver

filmmaking summer school for kids


“I would suggest the Talk to the Camera classes to all kids because they have taught me a lot about myself.”
– 5th grade girl

tv and film acting classes for children


“Our daughter loved this class. She loved using the camera so much. Her presence in front of the video camera definitely increased.”
– Parent, Denver


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