Blog Post & Photos By Amber Wyatt, Talk to the Camera Instructor

In our courses we share, apply and develop creative ideas in purposeful and relevant ways. We use creativity to engage students and inspire communication. Whether we are brainstorming a script or finding the perfect prop, we express ideas openly! Creativity implements and refines skills that will be useful to our students in their careers.

Many of our students will ask us “What does it take to be an actor?” Talk to the Camera is not all about acting! In our program, students of all ages find out what it takes to produce and star in their own creations. Some things that our curriculum uses creativily to focus on are standing up straight, making eye contact, projecting our voices, speaking confidently and listening carefully.

Although actors will benefit from many of these skills, our mission is to ensure that ALL students are benefitting. These practices are beneficial for budding political candidates, business owners, instructors, sales reps, lawyers and much more. When developing these skills, our students learn how to relate to each other and how to encourage each other through feedback.

Students will improve:

  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Creative Thinking Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Healthy Approach to Life
  • Positive Self-Esteem

In the environment of our classes we do this in a fun way! Creativity allows each student to interpret the curriculum in their own ways specific to their interests. As we learn what each student wishes to achieve during the class, we are able to assign roles that will assist in fulfilling individual goals. Creativity is at the core of what makes Talk to the Camera applicable to each student as we strive for inclusion and personal growth.