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Article by Amber Wyatt, Talk to the Camera Instructor and Assistant Video Editor

A lot of us at Talk to the Camera actually work in the film industry. If you don’t know the team by now we have everyone from script-writers to editors working to make our productions run smoothly. As for myself, I am a videographer when I’m not teaching.

I was surprised to learn from an associate this week that he had taken a course similar to ours back in 1971. The industry was hard work back then. At 12 years old, Kevin was learning cinematography and story-telling with Super Eight reels. This is no iPhone video, the movies he was making in class were created using a Bell & Howell super eight spring-wound consumer camera. A camera given to him by his father on Easter Sunday in 1968.

The students would use Kodak super eight film cartridges. Each cartridge would hold only 3 and a half minutes. That means each $2.45 reel would need to be swtiched out every 3 and a half minutes. That’s $15.34 today! The class would have Walgreen’s develop their film. Nothing filmed in class was ever edited.

Much less work is required in video.

At Talk to the Camera, footage is recorded on to the SD card and uploaded to Dropbox where editors retrieve clips for the final product. We have editors working round the clock to get the videos completed and shared within the next few weeks.  

Like Talk to the Camera, the commencement of Kevin’s semester was a screening for the students and parents. Parents brought refreshments and the students got the chance to walk a mini red carpet. They placed the film in the projectors and reviewed as a group bouncing feedback off eachother.

As I listened to this man’s testimony about how the program had changed the outcome of his life I thought about all the things I knew he had accomplished. This was no film major turned office assistant. This guy had sold films to Lions Gate, he had directed and produced commercials for some of the biggest brands and it all came full circle when he started writing scripts and doing video marketing for an afterschool program just like the one that would mold his career.

Kevin’s course offered an introduction to the process. A subject to resonate with skills that some students may not have known the had. This led to him actually pursuing a life in the industry. We want to inspire the same confidence in our students that Kevin’s program gave him 48 years ago. To do it, we have experienced actors, directors and editors coaching them all the way.