It’s graduation season and many parents are celebrating their kiddos milestones from Pre-K graduations to Continuations and High School Graduations. As a mom who has celebrated all of those great moments with my oldest child, my daughter and soon will celebrate these rights of passage with my two sons, I want to share a heartfelt poem I wrote. I shared this poem with my daughter before she went off to college to share with her my belief in the awesome power of AND. Check out the video below! I’ve also listed the entire poem below the video.



Did we ever discuss my belief in the awesome power of AND!?
Life will throw you some crazy things AND you may not understAND.

Trust your guts, that little voice inside, telling you what to do…. listen, really listen
AND trust yourself all the way through.

Find something that makes you happy.
Find something that brings you joy.
AND Whatever you discover fills your soul…. DO IT!
No need to play it coy.

Take risks. You know what I mean by this….a leap of faith, a jump AND beyond.
push yourself out of your comfort zone AND put yourself out there, you will belong.

Commit. When you make a decision, commit 100%
AND work hard for what you decide on, don’t waiver even a hint.

When your sad, mad, worried or stressed, do me a favor just smile.
AND that smile can open new doors AND make you happy for a while.
It’s true a smile is a contagious thing,
AND when you’re not around your ears may ring.
Because a smile just might make someone else’s day, AND you’re not stressed anymore…hip, hip, hooray!!

Sometimes people will treat you poorly. Put yourself in their shoes
AND remember, we all have time to choose,
How to treat one another, any given day
Find the beauty in that person.
You might help them along the way.

Please, No negative self-talk AND lift yourself up instead.
Give yourself a compliment, here AND there, but don’t let it go to your head.
There is enough of this world telling us negative things all the freaking time,
by all means, if that inner voice starts saying something negative, SHUT HER UP,
tell her not to whine!

Take good care of yourself. I cannot stress this enough.
no matter what the scale says, or if your feeling buff,
Figure out what your body needs.
AND you will always be tough.

Find the good in all things you come across as you travel down the road
AND don’t forget to look around, get in observant mode.

BELIEVE in something bigger than yourself AND honor that belief,
Have reverence in nature AND awe in life, you will feel relief.
‘Cause sometimes its all too much to handle when you focus on just you,
Look beyond yourself AND take it in, there’s so much you can do.

You can be who you want to be AND don’t rule anything out at all!!!
Remember it’s all part of the dance AND I will catch you if you fall.

Mom  xoxoxooxoxox