As a parent these days, there is so much social media to navigate and monitor. I feel like an explorer in a new world.  Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube… name it. I am still reeling from being a late bloomer on Facebook and now my kids tell me, Instagram is where it is at!

To make it easier, here is my How-To Guide for responsible social media monitoring….


  1. Know your kiddos passcodes. I cannot stress this enough! You don’t have to stalk their accounts, just be able to access them if you need to.
  2. Be aware!!! Kids like to get around this factor by setting up double accounts…one that parents can see and one that is for friends eyes only.
  3. Limit social media time. I have my kids put their phone away after dinner. We have a place in our den for charging and leaving phones until the next morning.
  4. Parents are allowed to look at their kids accounts at ANY time. I have my kids’ accounts downloaded on my phone.  I know what you are thinking…let kids be kids, but this is a different day and age.  Just knowing that I can check out their social media profiles gives me some peace of mind. It also gives them accountability knowing mom will be reading it!
  5. TALK, TALK, TALK….. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN!  Keep those lines of communication open. It might be hard to bite your tongue and reserve judgement instead of lecture, but they need to have their voice heard.This will help you trust them and they will trust you!
  6. Ask around…..I rely on my friends and family for advice. Everyone has a personal social media story and it is good to share advice.

Why not host a Social Media Savvy Happy Hour with your parent-friends?  You never know what you might learn from a glass of wine and some girl or guy time.  Remember, our kids confide in their friends and so should we!