What would our world look like if we didn’t have the distractions of iPods, iPads or iPhones?

OMG!! What?!?!… actually carrying on a conversation without texting! That is 2G2BT (to good to be true) Parenting today is tough! We are chauffeurs, teachers, chefs, maids and parents. How do we find time to connect with our kids, let alone help boost their self confidence?

Table Talks. Dinner is a great way to chat with your kids about their day. In a perfect world we would spend lots of quality time with our children, but in our fast paced life when is there time to really connect with our kids? Over food of course. Our kids doneed to eat so why not make it a time to keep the lines of communication open. I just hate it when I find out about a problem at school from another mother. My son rarely let’s me in on his little secrets, but Table Talks are great and don’t worry…they are super easy.

Tip 1: No screens…even for parents! All of those texts can wait until your dinner is done.

Tip 2: Make a game of it…. Even the shyest child will build up confidence after a few rounds. In our family, we say who wants to go first and the kids raise their hands. The first hand up gets to speak first…although they love the tie breaker. Make it engaging, whoever eats one piece of broccoli first, gets to go first. Now you just made your night both fun and nutritious!

Tip 3: The key is to ask open ended questions. No “yes, maybe, or no” answers here. “What was the best part of your day and why?” “Please chat about 3 things that happened on recess?” “If you could be a famous singer who would you be and why?”

Tip 4: Listen, Listen, Listen! Who doesn’t want to talk all about themselves? Once the kids see how engaged the family can be and how fun it is to be the center of attention, confidence with creating a conversation just happens.

Tip 5: Invite others to play the game.  We always have grandparents, cousins and friends play along. Who ever eats with us, needs to talk TO us. This helps to develop the art of conversation.

The more your kids talk, the more confident they will become. TTLY (totally)!