It's always better to be yourself. There is only one you.

We hear this all the time, but do we really live it?

Are we acting in  roles according to the world's standards, or are we being true to who we really are?

Are we showing our kids that they can be themselves?

I can remember a time when the pressures of upholding an image that I had it all together was very important. There was an idea in my head of what I thought the world wanted me to be. And so I acted the part- baking cookies & arranging playdates evolved into volunteering to be room mom, staying up all night sewing costumes….ok that was actually fun, but really when I look back , being consumed with raising my children, making sure they were happy, safe, healthy and were eating all major food groups- candy didn’t count! I lost myself. I forgot to make myself a priority somewhere along the way of acting the part of mom who could do it all. Trust me- I was no supermom- I was just a good actor!

When my kids started to grow up, time was a little calmer. Life wasn’t so crazy as I began to let go of all things that didn’t fulfill me or make my kids’ lives better. but then I realized I had lost myself along the way. I forgot who I was, I forgot my hopes, my dreams , my long term goals. I always enjoyed acting. But somewhere between starting college and having 3 kids and a husband in med school acting was the LAST thing on my mind.

I will never forget the day I started acting again- I was 33!  Yes- starting late, with 3 kids and living in Denver….not much setting me up for success. But, I felt I already had success…..Because I was showing my kids they could follow their dreams and be true to themselves, no matter what age they are, where they live, and what their life obligations are.

It is never good to act a part in your day to day life… is exhausting! And at the end of the day- you are not true to yourself or your family and friends. unless you are being paid big bucks and your acting with. By not showing my kids who I REALLY was, what all I was capable of doing, and all the facets of their momma…... I was teaching them to try to fit in!

When I began to pursue my acting career, take risks and follow my passion, my kids saw my true self and they loved me. Even if I wasn’t still baking cookies or being their room mom. I think they liked that I had other interests, and was learning new things to share with them. We all did it together- we all created and make my acting career happen as a family.

Now my kids are a little older, and they have seen me on TV and in Movies….. It is no longer embarrassing for them, believe it or not they are proud of me. My daughter wrote me a letter recently- she is 21 and living in News Zealand by the way!! She wrote me a thank you note- for being her hero and teaching her how to be herself, love herself, and never be afraid to show herself to the world.

Instead of hiding something that makes you different, put a spotlight on it!  #youByou

Have you ever lost yourself? How did you rediscover you?

How can you help your kids celebrate what makes them special?

Please comment, leave tips, advice, share your stories! You never know what will inspire someone else to follow their dreams and stop acting in a role that is not their true self.

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