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Recordings will be available soon after the Live class is complete. 


Intro to Stop Motion

Be the director and animator of your very own stop motion animation film! Through our interactive LIVE learning-- Using Legos, drawings or stuffed animals, students learn to build, film and create their very own stop motion movie on their own devices. Our instructor will guide students through ZOOM distance learning to create a story, build a set and create characters in your very own home!  *Instructor Daniel Buono – Filmmaker, Producer & Teaching Artist – Has worked on Showtime, HBO, Netflix and PBS documentaries.

Class Minimum - 4

*Students will use their own device to film clips and edit their project while using the Stop Motion Studio App!!



Stop Motion Advanced

In this course, we will create multiple stop motion films from the imaginations of students. If you already know the basics of stop motion, then this class is built for you. We will take the knowledge you already have of building sets and stories and make sure to create action packed and fun films students can share with the family or have for a portfolio of artwork.

Class Minimum - 4




Join our AWESOME group of Kid YouTubers! This is an ongoing class.

Have a YouTube channel and ready to make it better! Create some consistency in producing videos, and learn from the professionals at Talk to the Camera. We cover a multitude of topics, in depth, to create fantastic, well produced YouTube videos that stand out! Students will create ready to share videos each and every month!

Class Minimum - 4


Intro to Editing, Animation and More!

Did you ever wonder how movies get put together or how they create those awesome special effects? In this course, students will learn how to work in depth with iMovie and/or WeVideo editing software. The students will learn the basic skills to edit their projects, such as; cutting, editing on action, special effects, green screen, working on a timeline, importing and exporting footage, and so much more! This hands-on editing class will walk students through the software start to finish and finally answer the question, How did they make that action sequence with explosions look so cool? *Instructor Daniel Buono – Filmmaker, Producer & Teaching Artist – Has worked on Showtime, HBO, Netflix and PBS documentaries.

*You will need to have iMovie (MAC only) downloaded, or WeVideo set up on your device prior to class. 

WeVideo is browser based and can be accessed on any type of computer. There is a sign-up fee, but 30-day free trials are available.


YOUth TUBEr Plus+

ULearn how to create a YouTube channel and fantastic YouTube videos. Students get and give feedback in this supportive and collaborative online classroom. Students will produce ready to share videos each and every month!

Class Minimum - 4


Stranger Things TV

Young filmmakers work together in a STEAM-based LIVE interactive, learning experience to make their own Stranger Things TV episode! Through ZOOM distance learning, students set up, act in, and film their scenes - following instruction time with a seasoned professional. Kids are expected to use their own devices to film clips, and are asked to share their footage-- so our editors can make TV magic! Kids get creative, build their critical thinking skills and gain a sense of ownership.

*Swann Christopher, professional acting coach, actor and independent filmmaker.

Class Minimum - 4 


Cameras, Cooks & Kids

Calling all young chefs! Be the star ⭐ of your own Cooking Show! We combine food, film, and fun - teaching young chefs how to stage, present and create their own cooking show, just like Masters. They'll also learn cooking basics - from measuring to frosting, making delectable flavor combos using safe, no bake recipes. From sweet to savory, this class provides the tools unique to filming a cooking show, and the know-how to create sensational snacks the whole family will love!
Lights, Camera, Action, APRONS!


Auditioning for Theater Intensive

Is your child looking to get their foot in the door of a professional theater community? Or they want to participate in a school play or local production but not sure where to start. Are they planning to pursue a career in acting and are prepping for college auditions? One of the first fundamental steps is the audition process! In this class your child will learn the “Do’s and Don’ts” of a live audition, how to select the right monologues for their age range (and production in mind if applicable), how to dress for audition success and how to correctly format a resume. They will go through extensive coaching with two to three monologue choices and receive a filmed audition tape
*Kids will receive their professionally edited audition video a few weeks after the final session (assuming each student shares their footage in a timely manner). COMING IN 2021

Musical Theater


Do you have kiddos that love to sing, dance and act? Do they think about being on Broadway?! Then our Musical Theater class is the antidote! We will dig into the fun and timeless art of Musical Theater! Kids will learn the specific skills of performing on-stage, including; choosing a role, auditioning, acting while singing, vocal health, and more. We’ll work with each student to record a performance! Through various learning techniques and singing songs from Broadway shows and famous movie musicals, kids become more confident as a performer and as a person. Hamilton, here we come!
*Kids will receive their professionally edited musical performance video a few weeks after the final session (assuming each student shares their footage in a timely manner).


Our online offerings fuse art and technology in a STEAM-based, collaborative environment that encourages young creators to explore their creative interests, develop their technology skills, and strengthen their social communication skills, through video and filmmaking activities. 

We explore many facets of the industry - from stop motion animation to sportscasting, filmmaking to script writing, cooking shows to YouTubing, special effects, and more.