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YOUth TUBEr Plus Camp

Students access their creative ability, making potential YouTube videos that stand-out! 

Using a STEAM-based learning approach, students embrace their individuality, develop their editing skills, and become compelling content creators who advance their digital well-being responsibly, with an awareness of online safety.

To get the most out of this camp, it is preferred that kiddos bring their own device. (Devices include: iPad, iPhone, Kindles, Android devices).*We do not set up YouTube Channels during this class.

*We do not set up YouTube Channels during this class.


Totally Talk Show!

Do you have a kiddo who likes to talk? Or do they have a talent they would like to share with the world? In Totally Talk Show kids are provided the STEAM-based skill set to produce their own daytime talk show! Kids will gain improvisation skills, self-confidence and on-camera presence as they tell jokes, dance and conduct interviews like a PRO! Ellen and Oprah better watch their backs! *This is a great introductory class!

*Kids will receive their professionally edited Talk Show a few weeks after the final class date. 


Full Day Combo - AM/PM Camps

Combine our morning YOUth TUBEr Camp with our afternoon camp

for a super-fun day of fun and learning.


2471 N John Young Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32804