Prairie Hills Elementary



Students access their creative ability, making potential YouTube videos that stand-out! 

Using a STEAM-based online live learning approach, students embrace their individuality, develop their editing skills, and become compelling content creators who advance their digital well-being responsibly, with an awareness of online safety.

*We do not set up YouTube Channels during this class.

• • Prior to your kiddos first class you will be provided with an online curriculum which will include a list of free apps to download. We will be teaching the classes live via an online video meeting app. The classes will move back to being at the school once it opens again. • *Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we are accepting a payment plan and offering discounted classes. •


Movie Magic | Session 2

In our Movie Magic classes and camps, kids actively engage in all aspects of movie-making - participating in STEAM- based activities. Kids work together learning film techniques, production roles, and on-camera acting. Students are introduced to “storyboarding” during pre-production and create a movie trailer during post-production.

Movie-making is a bonding experience. Kids make friends and further develop social communication skills like eye contact, storytelling, teamwork, and active listening.

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YOUth TUBEr | Session 3

Does your kid want to create their own YouTube-style videos? Kids have a BLAST in YOUth TUBEr, learning on-camera presence, content creation, and are introduced to editing in a hands-on collaborative environment!  

Our YOUth TUBEr kids develop their storytelling style with an awareness for online safety, using a STEAM-based learning approach to build social skills like public speaking, active listening, and improved eye  Until Next Time...

News Broadcast | Session 1

Do you have a future reporter in your household or a kiddo who’d like to give it a try? In News Broadcast kids are provided the STEAM-based skill set to produce their own news program! Kids will gain improvisation skills, self-confidence and on-camera presence as they deliver breaking news, weather and sports like a PRO! *This is a great introductory class! UNTIL NEXT TIME...
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