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Movie Magic

In our Movie MAGIC classes and camps, kids actively engage in all aspects of movie-making - They’ll learn film techniques, production roles and on-camera acting.

Movie-making teaches social communication skills like eye contact, storytelling, teamwork, and active listening.

Kids film on one of our devices and are involved in editing movie trailers. Our editors create the final, full-length movie.


Does your kid want to create their own YouTube-style videos? Kids have a BLAST in YOUth TUBEr, learning on-camera presence, content creation, and video editing in a hands-on collaborative environment!  

Our YOUth TUBEr kids develop their storytelling style and build social skills like public speaking, active listening, and improved eye contact.

In YOUth TUBEr Plus+ students can bring their own apple device or work with one of our shared devices to boost their content creation!

Little Stars!⭐️

Camera, Lights, Action, FUN! Do your kids love being silly, telling outrageous stories, acting like animals or singing songs? Join us for a fun-filled session of discovery, laughter, and play - making videos to last a lifetime. Your little one's confidence and imagination will soar seeing themselves on camera & television.  Our editors will create a special class video for you to enjoy for years to come!

Our preschool programs focus on engaging activities that spark creativity, boost social skills like active listening and eye contact, and foster collaboration; all in a safe, fun and lively environment

Talk to the Camera provides award-winning after-school programs and summer camps that teach, nurture and inspire children ages 3-5!!


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