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Award Winning On Camera and Movie Making Classes and Camps

Want your kids to gain LIFE-LONG SKILLS, get creative and have FUN? Public speaking and talking on camera can be scary. Talk to the Camera teaches kids how to embrace their personalities and share them on camera! Enjoy your kids videos, the improvement of their self-confidence, communication and social skills for a lifetime! 


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Kids learn from industry professionals!


 On camera activities provide:

  • stronger communication skills
  • the art of conversation
  • engaging speaking
  • memorization techniques
Self Confidence

Seeing themselves on camera encourages:

  • positive feedback
  • kids to embrace their personalities
  • positive self image
  • listening to each other
  • minimal fear of public speaking
Creativity & Fun

Creating a unique, kid made product promotes:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Using their imaginations
  • Bringing their ideas to life
  • Learning to improvise
  • Lots of laughing, learning, and good times!
Social Skills

Face-to-face interactions provide:

  • eye contact
  • active listening
  • collaboration
  • team work
  • adaptability