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Be Your Best Self in The Visual World!
Are you feeling a little lost in today’s technology driven workplace when it comes to video? You are not alone! Video communications in business are more frequent than ever before- and we want YOU to look and feel your best! Start creating content that is relevant and appealing- we have your back! Jenny Gilbert and Audrey Walters will be your biggest cheerleaders and train you so the next time you press record, or accept a video conference call you feel confident, excited and ready!!
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Private Sessions - In-Person or Online

Hone your presentation skills on and off camera, in these private sessions with our co-Founder, Actor and entrepreneur, Audrey Walters. Learn any of the techniques from our full day workshop. Either on-line or in-person. SIGN UP HERE!
Jenny - A Buckley School of Public Speaking certified coach in both the private and public sectors and dedicated educator for more than 15 years. Jenny Co-Founded Talk to the Camera, helping students develop a stronger sense of imagination, literacy, expression, and become adaptable, life-long learners. Jenny serves as Executive Director for the non-profit, Talk to the Camera Community providing mentorship and hundreds of scholarships to youth in underserved communities. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and English Writing from the University of Colorado and holds a Masters Degree in Education from Regis University in Denver.

Audrey- As a SAG/AFTRA actor, TV host and former news reporter Audrey has spent over 15 years entertaining audiences. Her years as a media coach and mentor at a children’s talent agency fostered a passion for helping children grow creatively through on-camera work. Audrey Co-Founded the award-winning program, Talk to the Camera to further impact the next generation by improving social communication, teaching empathy and teamwork skills through movie making. The unique, one-of-a-kind after -school enrichment program is available nationally as a Franchise business.



Fierce ON-Camera skills

The camera LOVES YOU!


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